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Jean Baptiste Jung

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My name is Jean-Baptiste Jung and I’m a 28 years old web developer and professional blogger.




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WordPress Recipes

So I decided to create a new blog to post replies to WordPress questions, and quick but very usefull recipes about my favorite blogging platform. This is how WpRecipes were born.

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PSD Vibe

With all the repition of the same old tutorials, we wanted to provide users with a resource to find unique and new ideas through learning. At PSDVIBE we want to be precise with our tutorials.

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PHP Snippets

PHP Snippets is a newly created blog with a rather simple goal: Publishing useful PHP code snippets on a daily basis. The blog is maintained by Jean-Baptiste Jung, author of Cats Who Code and WPRecipes.

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PHP snippets

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Cats Who Blog

Originally, Cats Who Code had a “Blogging Tips” section where I shared my tips about succesful blogging, but as time passed by it appeared that most Cats Who Code readers were especially interested in Web Dev and Web Design articles.

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catsblogging tips

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Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code is a website that provide tutorials and useful information about Web development, Web design and WordPress.

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