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Adding a blog

How much does it cost to add my blog to BLOGOOLA?

FREE! You can submit as many blogs as you wish and it won't cost you a penny!

What do I need to add my blog to BLOGOOLA?

All you need is a blog and a valid email address.

How many blogs can I add to BLOGOOLA?

There is no limit on the number of blogs you can add!

How long does it take for my blog to appear on BLOGOOLA?

Once we have verified your email address the blog should appear when you refresh the page. If it doesn't please contact us and we will investigate.

Removing a blog

How do I remove my blog from BLOGOOLA?

You can remove your blog via the "unlist blog" option in your user profile. You may however re-add your blog at any time via the "relist blog" option also in your user profile.

Account Related

I think my blog has been removed from BLOGOOLA! Why?

If your blog contains obscene or offensive material it may be removed without warning! If you think this has happened wrongfully please contact us and we will investigate.

How do you verify that the blogs actually belong to whom they are listed by?

At BLOGOOLA we monitor every blog that is submitted on a daily basis and if we believe a blog has been summitted by someone other than the author (contains obscene or offensive material) it may will removed without warning!

How do I add my blog to the star blogs for a specific country/city?

Navigate to the country/city page and click the "appear here" link. Alternatively, see the star blogs page for more information.

I have changed my profile picture but it is still showing the old one! Why?

Sometimes the old picture gets stored in memory (called the cache) so try refreshing your page and it should update.

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