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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using an Offline Blog Editor

If you ever have suffered with the breakdown of your Internet connection while you were typing away into your blogging software program then that would be a big factor why you should consider using an offline blog editor instead.

Below are seven of the most obliging reasons to make the switch to an offline blog editor.

1. No Internet Reliance
Seriously, you don’t need an Internet connection until you’re ready to publish the post you’ve written.

2. You Have a Backup
Even with all the safety measures, you cannot trust your server 100%. There’s always a chance of failure. Offline editors retain a copy of your published posts and even if something goes wrong, you can just upload content to the server and resume your blog. No more lost work!

3. Speed Matters
An offline blog editor is best tool for writing blog posts offline without any interruption like browser loading time delay etc. Since everything is done on your local computer, the only time you have to wait for your Internet connection to do anything is when you publish your final post.

4. Upload Video and Images Easily
Online editor takes time to upload an image or video clipping but if you write your blog post using offline blog post editor you can insert an image or a web clipping easily without any loading delay.

5. Easy to Publish Multiple Blogs
Not only is it faster to publish to multiple blogs because you don’t have to log in and out of various accounts to do so. An offline editor provides the option to manage your one or many blogs at single place.

6. Write Anywhere
What if a brilliant idea strikes your mind while you’re traveling (with your laptop, of course!)? Rather than joting it down, wouldn’t it be better to write a post about it directly?!

7. Copy and Paste without Extra Code
Online blogging software most likely adds in extra, useless code (if you try to copy and paste from Microsoft Word or another program) that causes your post to publish with a variety of font typefaces and sizes that you need to clean up. No more worrying about that problem with an offline blog editor. You can copy and paste without carrying any extra code.

If you are looking for a more flexible and sophisticated way to compose your posts there are a few blog editing tools you may want to have a look at.

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