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SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Search engine marketing helps to give a website more visibility and more traffic and consequently success in its purpose. There are many methods, tactics and processes used to improve a website search ranking.

The Internet is full of advice on what you should and shouldn’t do in SEO, and here are a few of the most important ones:

SEO Do’s

> Awareness of your keywords. It is amazing how many businesses these days don’t know which keywords are going to be most beneficial for their SEO strategy. Think about what people would type in if they were looking for a service like yours.

> Research your keywords. There are many tools available that can help you to determine which keywords are most likely to result in sales for your business – make using them an integral part of your SEO strategy.

> Upload good quality content to your website. Make sure it is worth somebody’s reading time since content is very helpful for SEO.

> Use navigation that the search engine spiders can follow. Make sure that the spiders can find your website, read all of the content, and follow your links.

> Try and get good quality external links. This is highly beneficial to your SEO if you get other website to link to your site. And it works even better if they use one of your keywords in the link.

SEO Don’ts

> Duplicate content. Don’t republish content that has already been published online. This holds true for content within your own blog. Search engines like Google punish content that is not original.

> Keyword stuffing. You do not want to be accused of keyword stuffing so never stuff keywords into your content. It’s perfectly acceptable to use your keywords in your content but if they appear more than once every 200 words or so, you’re overusing them.

> Hide keyword rich text around your website. People have been known to do this by making the font the same color as the background, using 0.001 sized fonts or using a z-index to hide it behind pictures. The search engines are onto these little SEO tricks.

> Use Flash or JavaScript as a part of your SEO if you can help it. Search engines cannot read these languages and will just skip over them.

> Pay to have links to your website featured on other sites. This is known as link buying and it is a big SEO no-no.

You can be sure your website will be optimized for the best possibly chance at receiving good rankings if you try and follow the rules. You wouldn’t like to get banned or blacklisted so DO NOT implement too many of these SEO don’ts or don’t do it at all!

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  1. By reading this massage i am aware what not to do for my page, thanks.

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