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Make Income Off a Blog in 3 Simple Ways

Let’s all agree that blogs are no longer used alone for the purpose of keeping online journals since they are now a widely used means form making money. And if you are in search of some extra bucks, we can show you how to make money off a blog in three different and simple ways.

Through advertising – It is proven that the easiest way to make money from blogging is to sell advertising space. The bigger your blog audience has the more advertising revenue you can generate. Absolutely Google’s AdSense is one of the most popular ways to make money from advertising, simply sign up to their program (free of charge) and select adverts that are of course related to our blog posts — Whenever somebody clicks on one of the ads, you get paid and Google takes its commission off the top.

Another popular and proven way is though affiliate programs (promoting products on your blog). It’s a simple process whereby you mention a product in your blog that a certain brand sells and the reader gets the opportunity to link directly to the product on that certain brand’ site. If they end up buying the product, you get a cut of the sale price.

Okay, you might not immediately think of donations but mind you, many bloggers have successfully done this and still doing it (I believe so). So, if you feel that the content in your blog is worthy of financial contributions then you can set up a donations link via PayPal and ask people to contribute to your blog. Examples of donation-worthy blogs would be sites about education, health, animal welfare, or any social issue that people feel passionate about, especially if you are actively promoting the cause with quality content in your blog.

But let’s not forget also that the secret to learning how to make money off a blog is to focus on your writing and everything is secondary. If you write quality articles, your ads, affiliates and other programs will do its work for you.

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