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Best FREE Keyword Research Tools

Regardless of the marketing strategy that you have in plan, FREE keyword tools can be a good way of giving you a head start as well as helping you save some money that you would otherwise spend on useless software. If you have enough money or your budget can accommodate purchasing a keyword research tool it can be a good investment but not a priority since the keyword tools offered for free do great things as well.

There are plenty of keyword research tools out there. Quite a few were designed by Google to help webmasters, SEOs and search advertisers brainstorm, generate and analyze large lists of keywords and key phrases. Let’s go through the six most effective and absolutely FREE keyword research tools that you can add to your arsenal.

1. Google AdWords Traffic Estimator – It is used primarily for Google AdWords, but allows you to get an idea of how much traffic you would get if you ranked high for specific key phrases, and what people are bidding on those keywords.

2. Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Allows you to find keywords based on your site’s content, identify negative keywords, find synonyms – or not, and specify a language and location.

3. Alexa Site Information – Provides you with a bunch of information about a website, such as Traffic Stats, Search Analytics, Contact Info, Related Links, Audience demographics, Reviews, Click Stream Data and more.

4. Google Trends – Best for finding topics to write about for search engine optimization (SEO). With this tool you can explore the latest and hottest search trends, plus see often specific topics have been searched for over time.

5. Google Insight For Search – With this tool, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

6. Trendistic – Offers a historical chart of trending topics that are Tweeted on Twitter, going back up to 180 days. Also shows a list of hot trending topics and recent Tweets.

Other than these tools highlighted above the paid tools also are great and they also have a great efficiency in terms of research and analysis. Their continuous update also provides a good way of improving them and making then more useful, BUT then again, who would like to pay when you can get same benefits (well not as good but better than none at all) absolutely for FREE?!?!

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