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How to Create a Marketing Plan for Blog Profits

As discussed before there are lots of reasons why blogging is a great idea, and the fastest way to earn money online. But that’s not all about it… Sure there are several different blogging platforms that you can choose to write your blog through and they are free – another great bonus to blogging. But before you start there are a couple of must have’s when it comes to writing and publishing your blog… You must have a marketing plan to get blog traffic and make money.

So how do you optimize your blog for profits? What makes the most sense is to have a goal to consistently give the search engines the exact results they want. Consider the following below to help you have an idea on what to do first.

Product and Market Definition. What kind of content will you publish? How can your content help people? Keep in mind that your product is your blog content. Describe the marketplace where you’ll do business. What is the current blogging environment? What are people looking for that you can deliver better than any other blog or website, etc…

Identify your Brand Image. What does your blog assure to people? What is its unique value proposition? How is it positioned relative to competitive blogs and websites? Use the answers to these questions to identify your brand image, message, voice, and personality. Together, these elements make up your brand promise, and everything you do relate to your blog.

Identify your Competitors for Eyeballs and Advertising Revenue. What are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses? What are they doing to get visitors? What kind of content are they publishing? Competitors could be direct such as other blogs and websites, or indirect such as Twitter profiles. Competition can also come from offline sources.

Your Target Audience. Do some analysis. Consider your target audience. Think through what different, logical areas you’re going to cover. What kind of content does they like or engages with? What are they passionate about? What don’t they like? Spend time listening to learn what their needs are and then create content and experiences to meet those needs.

Distribution Strategy
You can syndicate your blog through online and offline services. Display your feed on other blogs and websites or feed it to your Twitter or other social networking sites.

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