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Blogging Tips: How Pinterest Can Help Drive Traffic to your Blog

What is Pinterest?

Simply it’s a social networking and social publishing site based on photos that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies and more. It also allows its users to share ‘pins’ on both Twitter and Facebook, allowing them to share and interact with a broad community.

Pinterest is growing quickly and the audience is getting more diverse, even though it is currently used primarily by women with age bracket: 25-35. Businesses use Pinterest to show off customized product collections, and to show customers using their products. In short, there is room for everyone to use Pinterest for a wide variety of personal and business purposes. You must have to read their policy first though before engaging to it since they won’t allow blatant self-promotion tactics.

How it Can Help Drive Traffic to your Blog?

Sure Pinterest is an amazing tool for inspiration, creativity and sharing, but can you really use it to build free links and increase traffic to your blog? Absolutely YES you can! Simply add pins to your boards that link to your blog/site.

There are also some simple steps you can take to increase pins and links to your blog or site…

Step 1 Simple Pinning with the Bookmarklet Tool
Install the Bookmarket tool on to your browser then visit your blog and click Pin This. It will automatically include the link with the image you’ve pinned so that if anyone clicks on the image in Pinterest they’ll be taken to your blog.

Step 2 Add a “Pin This” Button to your Blog/Site
You can use the code provided in the About menu under Help. Choose Goodies and you’ll see a few options to add buttons to your site. If you have a WordPress blog there are also a few handy plug-ins that do the trick.

Step 3 Write a Pin Description
Depending on your goals this may be your preference. Type the link you want people to visit in the description area of your Pin so that when people re-pin your image, they can and will change the text in the description area to match their own needs and purposes. The link and description will remain intact only on your boards.

Step 4 Make your Blog/Site Pinterest Friendly
You won’t be adding Pins from your own site too often, rather others will be motivated to pin images from your site onto their boards. Make your blog/site Pinterest-friendly by making it visually interesting and adding Pin This buttons to your blog/site.

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