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Blogging Tips: How to Guest Post to get Blog Traffics?

Guest posting is a favorite of a lot of bloggers. With a guest post you offer to write content for another blog with a link back to your website. If you write good quality content then these bloggers will be happy to publish your content. Now you will get traffic from their readers and you will also get a back link which will increase your search engine ranking.

Guest posting is not easy and it requires quite a bit of work though and in order to aid you in making guest posting a little bit easier, I have put together some tips on how to go about finding, securing and following through with excellent guest posts.

First, you’ll have to find a site – It isn’t hard to find a hundred blogs in your niche, however, the best sites to submit guest posts to; are the ones accepting a “guest post” and blogs you already read and enjoy. Go with the sites you already know before you start looking for new ones. As long as they state that they accept guest posts then you should be able to get published there.

Next is to do your research – Remember that the sites for bloggers tend to be busy ones, and when you make your approach you should have at least done some research on the site, the style of the content, if they take on guest posters.

You wouldn’t want to waste everyone’s time involved by not following their instructions that are already posted. For creating the content itself, look at what the author already has on their site. See how they write, what HTML they like to use (bold, h tags, italics, block quotes, lists, etc) and try to incorporate it into your writing. One final place to look for ideas is in the comments of the author’s blog posts. There you will find people asking questions or maybe even for specific topics that you could post about.

Once you have your ideas and are ready to write, you should take the time to outline and prepare the post properly. Write a paragraph or more for each part of the outline, as well as an opener and a concluding paragraph. Be concise, thorough, and it should be so easy to read that even your Grandma can understand the point of it, but be compelling and thought provoking at the same time. Make this post the best post you’ve ever written.

Third step it to email the author – Go straight to the point but be sure to stay polite. Tell the author that you’ve just written a guest post for him about the following subject. That could he review it and let you know if he’d like to publish the guest post on his site. You don’t need to add flowery language or butt kissing though to convince him because you’ll never know if he likes to be contacted that way. Just give him some great content!

Last thing would be to make some follow up – People forget things and they appreciate if you give them a friendly reminder before the date of publication. So you still need to follow up with emails as the date approaches that it is going to be published on.

And once you have finally made your first guest post you should be able to see some additional traffic to your own blog.

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  1. thanks alot bloggoola..will try to do guest post and I thinks it help in getting backlink traffic.

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