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How to get Approved for an AdSense Account

Currently there are thousands of websites/blogs with similar products and services, offering almost the same discounts and incentives, and using the same marketing gambits. There are thousands of blogs with similar content crying for attention and thousands of businesses hoping to generate money from their online ventures.

Luckily, the Internet marketing field is up and rushing, and is moving on beautifully. In fact, companies such as Google are providing ways by which humble bloggers and quiet business persons can still make a few cents.

Putting up an AdSense account might seem easy, but with the increase of sites with similar content, and the rapidly crowding Internet marketplace, it is becoming more and more complicated. Anyone can sign up for Google AdSense, but Google is a little picky on who they allow into their program. They will go over each application manually, check out your website, and depending on whether or not they like your website, they will either approve or deny your website.

Google doesn’t like spam sites, or sites with no content. So before you even think about applying you should take the time to read over the rules and regulations…

Here are some tips to guide you on your way to develop your site, which must be in the best shape and form before you sign up for AdSense and wait for Google to approve your application.

> Improve your site’s layout. Make it easier to read and navigate through. Make sure that you get to hit the Scroll Down button only eight times before you reach the bottom of every page. Make sure that you could reach each other page in your site through one click on three succeeding pages. Also make sure that your content is not only well-organized, but well edited and informative and essential to as much people as possible. Nothing turns customers off more than a site without content, or a site with poorly arranged, poorly written content.

> Your space should be conspicuous, far from heavy graphics or animation, and in stark contrast to the color of the AdSense ads. This will let visitors to see the advertisements immediately, and consequently click on them to provide you some profit.

> Validate your site. There are many materials accessible online to check the validity of each line of HTML script in your site, as well as tools to check how your site will appear in different browsers. Make sure that your site is also available to those with sight problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and color blindness. The wider the audience to which your site will attract, the more prospective guests you will have.

> Sites applying to Google’s AdSense should also not contain illicit or defamatory material. That is, every site that advocates violence, intolerance, or hatred against any individual, group, organization, or race will not be accepted to AdSense. Any site that delivers how-to’s on hacking or cracking shall also be disqualified. Sites that advertise illegal drugs are at the same time ignored. Make sure that your site is legal, with licit content.

Also Google has often emphasized its aim to appeal to as wide an age range as possible, so sites that display mature content, such as pornographic or gambling sites, are exempted from AdSense. If your site displays any of these, then you could not apply to the AdSense program.

> Lastly but not the least, as much as possible, Google needs exclusivity in terms of advertisements, so if you get any other advertisements on your site… remove them. Pop-up or under windows are discouraged, so check your scripts for these, or for anything that will interfere with the ease of navigating through your site.

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  2. Do I have to validate the blog that managed? Because, every time I try it always fails even after following the advice there.

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