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Absolute Beginners Guide to Blogs


BLOGOOLA has interviewed a total blog beginner, a lovely young lady called Claire who has admitted to us that she has “no idea about blogs” but would love to start one and tell everyone how awesome her dogs are! She asked us the following questions which we gladly answered for her to get her started!

It’s true, even though blogs are reaching all time popularity worldwide I have discovered that there are still so many people who don’t know even know what a blog is and the basics to why you would create one.

“What is a blog?”

The term Blog is short for “Web Log”. It is a web site on which one or more users can post information instantly and without any technical knowhow. The content on your blog is called “posts” and they appear with the date they were published with the latest news first. Many blogs are used for posting opinions, rants, personal diaries, etc. However, the blog is just the format. The content can be anything.

“What’s the difference between a blog and a website?”

The simple answer is that there is not much difference a blog and a website. The main differences being a blog appears more personalized and can represent a timeline of events. For example, you could say Claire that on Tuesday you took your dogs to a dog show and on Wednesday you washed them using a new washing product you discovered, then on Thursday… and so on. This builds a timeline of events and gives your blog a more personal feel to it. Of course, there are many other Reasons Why a Blog is Better Than a Website which we will touch on later.

“How do I create a Blog?”

Creating a basic blog requires no technical skills and takes around 5 to 10 minutes. To create a blog all you need is an email address. Basically you just select the name of your blog, enter your email address and a password and that’s it. Detailed Instructions on How to create a WordPress Blog can be found on our website in easy step by step guide with screenshots.

“How will creating a blog benefit me?”

A blog might benefit you by creating a social element to your given subject and interaction with others with the same interests, it also keeps others updated automatically espescially good if you have a large following.. I mean it’s kind of like Facebook but people don’t need to be your friend to read you blog. It can also provide excellent reference material for others and even a diary for yourself to look back on.

“How many people are likely to see my blog?”

Hard questions to answer. This largely depends on how engaging your blog content is, how many people/friends are interested in what you have to say or how well you promote your blog. We’ll touch on this subject later on.

“Can I have more than one blog?”

Yes you can create as many blogs as you like, on as many different topics as you like.

“How much will it cost me?”

A WordPress Blog is FREE! Just visit wordpress.com and click signup. If you want your own web address (ie- www.clairesdogblog.com you can pay $12 a year to WordPress and they will link your blog to it for you).Be aware that because your blog is free WordPress may put adverts on some of your blog but these are small enough not to notice. If you wanted to host your own blog without adverts then you’re looking at around $60 a year plus your domain name and setup fees. Again, more details on our website: How to setup wordpress on your own domain.

“What do blogs look like?”

Blogs can be made to look however you want! I bet some websites you have been on were actually blogs without you even noticing! There are so many free templates which you can choose to customize the way your blog looks. No this doesn’t require any technical skills Claire, you simple find a design you like and click “Install this theme”. From there you can change the colors and what is displayed easy in the theme options page.

See some example blogs for yourself below!

How do I research about blogs?”

There are many resources available online where you can learn more about blogging:

There are also books you can buy which contain excellent reference material for bloggers just starting out:

What content can I put on my blog?”

A blog can contain anything you like, text, images and videos are the main content for a blog. It could contain your thoughts, personal opinions and experiences or it could contain instructions on how to do something… the content is only limited by your imagination. In your case it could be a blog about your dogs, contain images of them, news on their events, how to look after them, showing them off etc… the list is endless!

How often do I need to put new stuff on my blog?”

Nice question. I would say creating a successful blog requires you to have a lot passion for the subject the blog is about. It doesn’t take a long time to put the content onto it but it does take time and dedication to get people engaged into reading your blog and coming back to read more. You would need to be looking at posting new content on at least every few days, if not daily basis to keep readers interested.

Finally, how do I promote my blog once it’s finished?”

There are so many ways you can promote your blog, saying that your first steps should probably be:

  • Share it on Facebook with your friends and family
  • Join social media sites such as Twitter and build a following
  • Submit to free blog directories such as BLOGOOLA

For a complete list see 101 FREE Ways to Promote Your Blog.

Clairs Dogs
BLOGOOLA will keep you posted when Claire creates her blog!

If you blog newbies out there have any questions just post them in the comments area below!

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  1. JANE LESLIE said:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful site. I’ve been reading about how to blog for a while and this is the most detailed, helpful information I’ve found for a beginner like myself.

    My question: I want to have a blog on my own domain. It seems like you need some basic programming skills to accomplish this. I’m interesting in learning these skills…I just don’t know what I should try to learn!!

    There are a number of free ‘how to’ sites for learning basic HTML. Is this what I need?
    (I don’t have a technical background, but am eager to learn some basics).

    Thank you very much for any info. on this.


  2. Hi Jane, Thanks for the compliments! I would say that with the arrival of WordPress anyone can setup thier own blog on thier own domain without any programming knowledge.

    There are detailed instructions here on how to do this: http://blogoola.com/blog/setup-wordpress-on-your-own-domain/

    The benefit of setting up WordPress on your own domain is that you can use Plugins which are really useful and save time: Examples of plugins can be found here: http://blogoola.com/blog/10-essential-wordpress-blog-plugins/

    If you do not need to use plugins then you also have the option of paying WordPress.com $12 a year and they can link your blog to your own domain name for you.

    If your into books, you may want to purchase a book on wordpress or setting up blogs (see the post above for book links).

    Thanks and hope this helps you!


  3. Sara Swingfield said:

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    Sara Swingfield
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  6. hello, i recently set up my own blog through blogger.com, and paid $10 for my domain through go daddy.com. it’s a daily blog (and so named) and i talk about different topics daily. was just wondering if i have to stick to one topic to earn money with this blog?

  7. Thank you im new this is a great resource!

  8. Goede middag via google zag ik net je artikel en ikke ben ontzettend geboeid. Hoe vind je deze interessante info? Bedankt.

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