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7 FREE Online Photo Editors for Bloggers

Some bloggers (particularly those who blog for their business) believe that the quality of the content is the most important factor in selling their information product. The truth is there should be a balance between having a great content and having a great image to go along with it and more often than not, the best pictures were created through photo editing software.

There are lots of possibilities with a decent photo editing software that can improve the photo quality – you can crop, resize, rotate, but you can also add fun effects and change its color balance or exposure. Free is where we would normally like to begin, here are some of the most commended FREE online photo editors for you:

1. Sumo Paint (Pro version allows offline access to the app. with about $25 fee)
It has filters, brushes, layers and more in a snappy Web app that can be loaded without registration. However, registering with Sumo Paint gives you the benefit of saving files to the cloud.

2. Picnik (Paid accounts offer additional filters and features for a few dollars per month)
Picnik is not for robust image editing, but rather for touching up photos (makes it easy to do things such as balance a photo, remove red eye and crop) its simplicity makes it approachable by almost anyone. Doesn’t require registration to use it, but a free account makes it possible to save photos to the Web.

3. Pixlr
Similar to Sumo Paint both in features and in interface, powerful filters, brushes, the ability to edit layers and a slew of adjustment options, Pixlr has all of the features one might expect from a more advanced photo editing package in a free, online tool with absolutely no registration required.

4. Paint.net
It’s easy to use and provides a wealth of features for users who want to do more than simply resize or crop an image, such as creating layers, special effects and more — a completely free photo editing software application that can be used by people who use Windows-based computer systems.

5. ShrinkPictures.com
It is a completely free photo editing site that allows you to resize images and save them in jpeg format. ShrinkPictures.com is used online; you need to have a working Internet connection whenever you want to use it to edit images.

6. Aviary Phoenix
Phoenix still has most of the features one would need and, perhaps most importantly, is part of a much larger app suite that includes screen capture, audio editing, vector editing, markup and much more. Not quite as powerful as Plxlr or Sumo Paint and using some confusing terminology though. Registration is not required though registering will let you save, publish and embed images from the Web.

7. Gimp.org
The Gimp works similarly to expensive photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop in terms of its features and functionality. But if you’re looking for an advanced, free photo editing option, the Gimp is a great option. Downloads are available for both Windows and Mac users.

Author’s note: The list compiled above is not intended to be an endorsement by BLOGOOLA.COM, but just to give a comprehensive list of “online photo editors” for bloggers. You can always do your research to find the right one for you before you commit to anything.

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