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101 FREE Ways To Promote Your Blog

Hello blogoolians, my name is Sam and I have put together a list of over a hundred blog promotion resources to help you promote your blogs across the World Wide Web! Everyone is asking us “How do i promote my blog for free?” and “What are the free ways to promote my blog?”. Well, the answer is in the list below (in no particular order) and will continue to grow when I discover new methods. There are two lists, one for free blog promotion methods and one for paid blog promotion methods.

Please note that this list is for FREE options only.


Every man and his dog knows what Facebook is so I’m not going to explain this one but say just one thing: Get a Facebook page for your blog! Example Facebook page.

Sams verdict: Get your friends to click like and each one that does a link will be posted so all their friends can see… and so on.


Just about every man and his dog knows what Twitter is so I’m not going to explain this one either but say just one thing:  Get a Twitter account for your blog! Example Twitter page.

Sams verdict: Auto link it to your blog so that a message gets send out to your Twitter followers every time you make a post on your blog.

Sams verdict: Let google know about your blog url and url’s to your recent blog posts. Although they say that they cannot make any guarantees about when or if they will appear, it won’t hurt your chances!

Sams verdict: Answering questions on Yahoo Answers is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Just search for topics covered in your blog and then answer peoples questions including a link to your blog post. Ofcourse, you can also post your own questions.


With stats like Pinoyexchange has 402,938 users, 51,457,768 posts, and 6759 online users (when I last looked). And to top that registration is free! Who is going to argue with that promoting?

Sams verdict: Gave me 75 visits (322 page views) during the first 5 weeks.


Alexa is a very popular website that offers free traffic metrics, search analytics, demographics, and more.

Sams verdict: A great idea is to check similar blogs (ie your established competitors) incoming links and then visit them and try to get links also to your blog. This can be time consuming but will definately create a “relationship” between your blog and your niche!


Delicious is a leading social bookmarking site where you can upload your favourites and share them with others. Signup is free but you need a yahoo email address.

Sams verdict: It’s a must for any blogger who wants free promotion of thier blog posts. I have done a separate post on Howto Bookmark Your Entire Blog into Delicious in just 2 minutes.


Blinklist is like iTunes for web pages. You can upload your favourites (bookmarks in your browser) and share any of those favourites with others who are also on blinklist. You can add friends and view their bookmarks.

Sams verdict: Gave my blog 8 visits (32 page views) during the first 5 weeks.


BLOGOOLA is a great way to promote your blog online and increase your blog traffic for free. They offer a blog surfing system where you view someones blog and in return someone views your blog. It is free to add blogs but they also offer really good exposure for your blog and to represent your country in your niche area. With over 1,000 signups from 29 different countries in its first few weeks it certainly has the potential to reach a worldwide audience.

Sams verdict: Free signup your blogs with dofollow links  and doesn’t require a backlink. Also the blog surfing system is a great way to get people looking and interacting with your blog whilst increasing your blog traffic.


Technorati is a free blog directory that has been around for a while (around 1,192,108 blogs listed).

Sams verdict: Took a long time to get my blog listed, almost 3 weeks! Not sure if it is bringing much traffic yet. I will keep this space updated.


Quarkbase is an easy way to find website information. See people, traffic data, similar sites, social comments, description, social popularity and much more about websites and blogs.

Sams verdict: Just type your blog address into quarkbase and it will do the rest. Links are auto generated to your blog and it gives you decent stats including recent twitter comments.


Twiends is a great way to find Twitter followers who are interested in the same things you are. For example, you can add “blogging” to your interests and then it will list all those people who also have “blogging” as an interest. It also provides the ability to gain Facebook fans or turn your credits into website views.

Sams verdict: Please Follow the Rules and Best Practices provided by Twitter. Be careful to use it in moderation because Twitter may ban your account if you go crazy following and unfollowing hundreds of people everyday.


Great site to share your blog posts and share (Digg) other blog posts. Definitely one to check out especially if you have good networking skills.

Sams verdict: Not sure if it is bringing much traffic yet. I will keep this space updated.


Google Blog Search shows you the top stories and what blogs are writing about those stories. You can search for blogs, blog posts, keywords or topics.
Sams verdict: Search for new blog posts and add comments to them, this tool will help to be the first to comment on the post!


Scribd is a website where you can upload your PDF, Word, and PowerPoint docs to share them with the world’s largest community of document readers.
Sams verdict: Convert your best blog posts into PDF documents and submit them to Scribed for added exposure.


Slingset is a website that lets you create your own webpage for free and put any links you want on it to webpages and seperate them into categories. See an example slinkset page.

Sams verdict: Use Slingset to create your own social media page and create links to your blog posts.


Sams verdict: Use Mahalo Answers to put up a few questions about your blog or answer some questions that link to your blog for added exposure. There is also a LinkedIn Answers where you can do the same.


Sams verdict: Submit your blog to alltop, takes 2 minutes and can give you valuable backlinks to your blog.


Blog Engage is blog article directory with a digg like voting system. It’s free to sign up and you can get some links to your blog and blog traffic to your blog posts. See an example.

Sams verdict: Submit your best blog articles and try to get your friends to vote for them so that it pushes them to the top of the lists.


Shareaholic is a browser toolbar that is very useful for sharing your blog across multiple social networks simulatneuously. With over 2 million downloads so far whos going to argue with that!?

Sams verdict: A must if you like to use browser toolbars. It’s useful for posting to social networks fast, getting short link urls fast and shows you how many people have clicked the link and previous conversations before you post it which is good to see how popular the link it before you share it.

Hotscripts lists your programming scripts is any programming languages including javascript, asp, .net, php etc…

Sams verdict: Useful only if your blog is about computer programming. You can submit your programming scripts to them for free which will give you some free blog traffic. I have tried and tested and it does work because they have a big fan base, over 750,000 members in the development community.


Zemanta is a browser plugin that lets you turn your boring text blog posts into a high quality social blog post that contains images, content links, audio, news links and related links.

Sams verdict: Great drag and drop tool for those bloggers who have limited skills with writing high quality posts. It lets you add free photos with copyright info automatically which is cool.  It also lets you show related links on the internet, automatically creates links within your content and other useful blog post things.


Tweecious is a firefox add-on that goes through your twitter tweets, finds those with links and posts them to your delicious account.

Sams verdict: Great tool to boost those links on Delicious. Read Howto Bookmark Your Entire Blog into Delicious in just 2 minutes.


Tweetbig is a website purely devoted to gaining twitter followers.

Sams verdict: It has keyword analysis and competitor analysis tools which are very valuable. It will cost you $18 to signup in total, in trial at the moment i’ll keep this updated on its success.


Remind This offers you to get a button for your blog which allows your visitors to set an email reminder for themselves about the blog in a specified time ahead – ie a day, a week, a month etc…

Sams verdict: Could be useful for those blogs that have time based content releases for offers or those who update thier blogs perdiodically.

List of free blog promotion directories

Sams verdict: The higher the Google Page Rank (PR#) the better! Signup to BLOGOOLA for the full list of blog directories.

List of free blog promotion forums

Sams verdict: Answering and posting questions in blog forums with links back to your blog will definitely bring more people to your blog! Be sure to include a link to your blog in your signature. Signup to BLOGOOLA for the full list of blog forums.

List of high PR blogs to add comments

Sams verdict: Answering questions and commenting on other blogs with high PR and dofollow with links back to your blog will definitely bring more people to your blog!  Signup to BLOGOOLA for the full list of high PR blogs.

List of free do follow social bookmarking sites

Sams verdict: Social bookmarking sites are useful to organize, store and manage bookmarks of resources online. Add bookmarks for your blog posts and tags and build friends in the areas of your blog niche. This may take some time but will definately pay off in the long run. Signup to BLOGOOLA for the full list of dofollow social bookmarking site.

List of free blog and article promotion sites

Sams verdict: Submit your blog posts and articles to these websites and share them across all the social medias sites to gain exposure and hope something goes viral. Signup to BLOGOOLA for the full list of article promotion sites.

List of free blog ping services

Ping addresses can be used to notify the service  every time you make a blog post which will increase your online exposure. To use this list for WordPress, simply copy and paste this list to your Settings->Writing tab in the admin panel.

Sams verdict: Pinging can help increase traffic but don’t ping too often, you can get your blog flagged as spam which you obviously don’t want.

List of free blog search engines

Sams verdict: You can search for blogs similar to yours to post comments. Most of them allow you to submit your blog and articles so this is also useful.

If you would like to appear in this lists please contact us or leave a comment below.

BLOGOOLA takes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or misuse of any of the information contained within this blog promotion article. Please use this information carefully and at your own risk.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps you promote your blogs!


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  1. Man I’m so out dated I haven’t even heard of half of these. I’m a big fan of twitter, facebook, blogengage and other social networks. I’m also a big fan of bloggeries.

    I use to use most of the social sites you added but I’ve been focusing a lot more of my attention on blogengage which doesn’t allow me to visit them sites as much as I would like to.

    Overall this is a great list blogoola for anyone new and trying to market their posts! Thanks for sharing with our members.

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    But its hard for me to keep sending invites to my friends on facebook….i feel like a spammer :(

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    @ Frank. Thanks man.

    @ Dan. Yeah spamming facebook (and twitter for that matter) is definately not the way to go. Posting links to valuable posts that you think might be beneficial to other bloggers is definately the way to go.

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    Of course not super famous yet, but Google+ should be added onto there. You can +1 most blog posts now. blogorama and blogflux are good as well.

    FYI google is doing away with google buzz.

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